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Wednesday 21 April 2021

 New Costumes For Sale And A Surprise Front Cover! 

Photograph Taken By Laura Bradley @Hip To Heart Photography

Well what a year it's been! Our hire side to the business has obviously taken a bit of a nose dive since last March but happy to say I have been busy making costumes both for sale and hire which can be found in the 'Buy' and 'Hire' sections at the top of our website. Thank you to all of our repeat customers who continue to support us and hopefully we will begin to meet new ones soon when we are able. We are still delivering safely throughout the UK but our appointment system has not been allowed throughout most of the pandemic. I had a little surprise a few days ago as one of our repeat customers emailed us with regards to a recent order and mentioned that one of the tailcoats I had made and hired out in 2016 was photographed by herself for the 7th novel of Bridgerton "It's In His Kiss' 😊 Looking forward to the next coming months when we hopefully can begin to serve our lovely customers again! 


Thank you Laura for sharing!


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