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Tuesday 20 May 2014

Medieval Banquet

Lydia hired a medieval style gown from us which she needed for a medieval party she had been invited to.
'I'd like to thank you so much for your assistance with my costume. 
Living in London I went to a very famous costume hire place to try on some of their "world famous". I had a rotten time, the service was awful, no one cared, the costumes fitted me badly and in the end I walked away feeling very down-hearted. 
I'm so so glad I found Complete Costumes. Their range was so pretty and well made. 
I ordered a dress and my party ended up changing days. I called them in a panic and they were so calm and understanding and did me such a great deal on extending my rental. Even when I contacted them wanting advice about sizing and what might suit me. I ended up ordering 2 dresses so I could see which one suited me better. 
They are made to fit real people using really amazing fabrics, not that stretchy cheap stuff you see all the time. I am nearly 6 foot and my dress needed pinning up a bit! What a treat! 
I highly highly recommend this company to anyone. Affordable, amazing quality and perfect customer service. Makes me want to throw a fancy dress party all over again!"
Lydia Smart,


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